Honors and Certificates

Managing Team of Faraz Pouyan Arad Engineering Co., with more than two decades of experience and experienced team of one of the most powerful engineering companies to provide timely and timely services and cooperation with various industries in the field of design, equipping, reverse engineering, construction, repair and reconstruction , Consultancy, technical engineering services and troubleshooting. It is worth mentioning that construction is carried out in reverse engineering of the required electromotors of the industry, with a 12-month warranty.

Company Profile

  • Getting the performance of the approved job list approved by the Iranian Research and Training Administration Research Center
  • Getting the credentials of the competent national director from Iran Research & Training Management Center
  • Membership in the Elite Management Consortium And get a membership license.
  • Membership at the National Entrepreneurship Development and Management Center and get a membership license.
  • Get the National Deserves National Flag
  • Get an ID Card Membership at the Elite Consortium Management
  • Get a Gold Statue by Nationally Qualified Manager
  • Get a Good Brand Certificate from the Iranian Brand Confederation
  • Join the Entrepreneur Directors Association and get a membership license. < li> Determine individual qualifications International Skills Based on Occupational Recordings from the Managing Directorate in Switzerland (VIF)

Subscribe to a valid supplier list:

  • Iran Oil & Gas Pipeline Company
  • 11th Iranian National Drilling Company
  • Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company
  • Sarcheshmeh Copper Company
  • CNG Schedule Management
  • National Refineries and Refineries Company
  • Iranian Offshore Oil Company
  • National Gas Company of Iran li>
  • and ...

Certificates and Standards

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