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Integrated Management System Policy

Faraz Pouyan Arad engineering company, with the backing of technical knowledge, skill and commitment, has officially started its activities in the field of design, construction, repair and reconstruction of all types of electric machines And in pursuit of its mission, while respecting the principles of professional ethics, while committed to protecting the environment and protecting human beings, it is always striving to provide services of superior quality, in accordance with the requirements of customers, and satisfaction of customers by providing services. He desires to attract and satisfy satisfied customers to loyal customers, for this purpose and in accordance with the laws, regulations and standard requirements The ISO18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System and ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management, are committed to fulfilling the set goals.

In order to satisfy the customers and save time and expense, by dispatching experienced experts, the local maintenance and servicing of high-power electromotors and generators on the customer site are ready to be announced.

Collections Goals

  • Increasing the effectiveness of quality management processes and continuous progress towards continuous improvement
  • Improving organizational transparency and empowering the organization's personnel in the relevant areas of work
  • Gain satisfaction and improve Customer Satisfaction Parameters
  • Protecting and protecting the environment by preventing water, soil, air and pollution, or reducing environmental pollutants and disposing of the waste
  • Creating a safe environment for people and Protecting and protecting human health against the dangers of working and working environments
  • Ultimately, managing the company, while adhering to the above mentioned systems and observing any applicable requirements, the requirements Van including legal and regulatory requirements, financial requirements, operational and organizational, to continuously improve performance. Integrated management system processes are trying to achieve customer satisfaction in addition to achieving the goals set, and if it is dissatisfied or complained of, it will do its utmost to fix it. Also, the company is committed to reviewing its policy and goals annually.

Electrical Machine Factory Resume

  • High-power and high-power machines
  • All DC and AC electric machines and transformers
  • Magnets, magnetic brakes and Foucault brakes
  • Transaction of electric motors and main generators of rail industry
  • Drilling of engines used in drilling industry
  • Explosive electric motors used in oil, gas and CNG industries < li> Electro Submersible Pumps
  • And Other Special Electric Vehicles

Explosive Electromotors at CNG Stations

According to the company's experiences in the field of construction, engineering, design and repair of various types of electromotors, it is an honor to serve and solve the problems of CNG positions. To date, various models and powers of these electromotors have been repaired, refurbished and rebuilt. Is. Also, the anti-explosive electric motors of the oil and gas industries, as well as their repairs and optimization, are another honor for Faraz Pouyan Arad Company.

Repair and build specific engines

Faraz Pouyan Arad is one of the few companies that specializes in the repair and construction of certain electric motors, such as servo motors, high frequency motors and BLDC brushless motors. Construction and repair of Shagh engine, Reconstruction of Sugar and Sugar Centrifuge, Manufacturing of 16 servo motor BLDC motors with power of 1 kW, 7 rotor servo DC Torque Motor routing with encapsulated resin, and ... Some of the company's activities are in this field. .

Construction and repair of ESP submersible electromotors

Modeling, construction and repair of a large number of submersible electric motors for pumping liquids and water wells as well as anti-explosion type ESPs for long-length oil extraction (about 10 meters) is another activity of this company. The company also has official sales and repair services for electro-pumps, floating electro-pumps, centrifugal pumps, foam caps, in the agricultural, industrial and utility sectors of Naseri Pump Company.

Construction and repair of high and medium voltage AC motors

This company has the experience and ability to design, manufacture, repair and re-design of medium voltage and high voltage electric motors up to 9 megawatts, which are used in various industries such as power plant, steel industry, petrochemical and ... in its resume. It has the ability to repair and fabricate electromotors in hazardous atmospheres in various classes such as Flame Proof, Non Ignition, as well as failure analysis and shaft modification.

Power Equipment & Repairs

Faraz Pouyan Arad engineering company, with the support of experienced and experienced staff in the field of equipping, commissioning and repairing power plants, on-site service and on-site repairs, full power generation and transmissions, and ... The quality is optimal and runs in the shortest time. Also, it is ready to build power coils and rebuild the core of the generator and trans.

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