Activities of Faraz Pouyan Arad Engineering Co.

  • Repair and restoration of various MV, LV and HV motors (low voltage, medium pressure and high voltage), without limitation in voltage
  • Vibration Analysis and Alignment for all rotary equipment
  • Magnets, Magnetic Brakes and Foucault Brakes
  • Making rotary machines and machines
  • Electric generators, primary and secondary generators
  • Transaction of electric motors and major generators of the rail industry
  • Types of Transformers
  • Testing and installing mechanical and electrical protection relays
  • Reverse engineering of DC, AC and EX electric motors (explosion-proof) of high voltage and high power (repair, testing and commissioning of 6000 and 3000 volts)
  • Strong Power Supply Systems
  • Repair of magnetic bearings
  • Specific engines such as servo motors
  • Balance at the desired place of employer
  • Run the EM and PM program
  • Making power wires
  • Drilling of engines used in drilling industry

Some of our projects


Services and activities

Some of the activities and services of Faraz Pouyan Arad Company

Latest news and announcements

May 22, 2019

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May 22, 2019

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May 22, 2019

Ford’s $ 765m investment in China

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Some of our capabilities

The field of Faraz Pouyan Arad Company

  • Construction and reconstruction of squirrel cage electromotors without power limitation

  • Reconstruction of DC electromotors (shunt, series and compost ...)

  • Reconstruction of winding rotor electromotors and manufacturing of slip rings

  • Restore Foucault Brake

  • Reconstruction of EX electromotors in all brands

  • Servo electromotors

  • Build and reconstruct magnetic bursts and sensor scanning

  • Reverse engineering and engineering of all kinds of shafts, coils, fan blades and parts

  • Reverse engineering and engineering of types of cathode rotors, radar switching unrestricted in power and voltage

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